A craft rom Crete for takeaway

Pop Up Store in Sivas, Crete

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My name is Dina Werthenbach. I am a dress- and pattern maker living in Sivas, a small village in the south of Crete.

The first pieces of the ΙΩ collection were created in 2008 when I came from Cologne to Crete from the need to set up a household with few resources. The lamps, baskets and boxes I needed I made from the materials that I found here. From sisal, hemp and raffia that are used in agriculture.
In fact exactly the methods of the old traditional Cretan crafts.

road stand with handcrafts made in Sivas, Crete

You will find ΙΩ handcrafts in 70200 Sivas / Tympaki / Heraklio / Crete

The pop up store is opened from 16.00 – 20.00