ΙΩ handcrafts en
ΙΩ handcrafts en
ΙΩ handcrafts en

A craft from Crete for takeaway

  • red bag handwoven from natural raffia
  • handwoven raffia bag, ebony black
  • fez crossover mini bag
  • handwoven raffia bag
  • handbraided two-tone raffia bag
  • dark brown shopping bag
  • pink bag handwoven from Madagascar-Raffia
  • fabric bag light blue with rose pattern
  • hand braided basket bag
  • loommade checkered raffia bag
  • XL-shoulder bag, hand-lettered with a greek text
  • grassgreen tote-bag braided from Madagascar-Raffia
  • handmade fabric bag with flowerprint
  • XXL beach bag braided from packing strap
  • red raffia bag with black tassel
  • handwoven, yellow raffia-bag
  • bag with handpainted minoan flowers
  • keychain, handmade blue mini straw hat
  • brelock lemon
  • brelock mini basket bag
  • brelock orange
  • keychain pink
  • brelock-Tsarouchi
  • brelock-olive
  • brelock-watermelon
  • handmade keychain prickly pear cactus
  • handbraided raffia plates
  • handbraided raffia basket
  • door tassel with snail shells and brass bell
  • ΙΩ handcrafts en
  • colerfull cutlery baskets
  • handbraided raffia bowl, pink-ecru
  • cover-basket-with-tassel
  • two tone handbraided raffia basket bowls
  • floor basket with big rose tassel
  • leather sandals with raffia flowers
  • blue raffia shoes
  • mule shoes handpainted with Minoan lilies
  • mule shoes
  • mule shoes with minoan fresco from Akrotiri
  • pink raffia belt with a greek, pink lemonade
  • greeen hand braided raffia belt
  • hand braided raffia belt
  • raffia-belt-ecru
  • dark-dark red raffia belt
  • hairpin, handmade sunflower
  • beautiful girl wearing a flower crown
  • mermaid hairband
  • handmade raffia flower pink
ΙΩ handcrafts en
ΙΩ handcrafts en

My name is Dina Werthenbach. I am a dress- and pattern maker living in Sivas, a small village in the south of Crete.

The first pieces of the ΙΩ collection were created in 2008 when I came from Cologne to Crete from the need to set up a household with few resources. The lamps, baskets and boxes I needed I made from the materials that I found here. From sisal, hemp and raffia that are used in agriculture.
In fact exactly the methods of the old traditional Cretan crafts.

ΙΩ handcrafts en
ΙΩ handcrafts en
grass green raffia braid
handmade loom
ΙΩ handcrafts en
ΙΩ handcrafts en

You will find ΙΩ handcrafts in 70200 Sivas / Tympaki / Heraklio / Crete

Autumn pop up hours : 16.00 – 20.00
If I’m in the workshop open from noon!


open pop up store in Sivas, Crete
garland with rose flowers
pop up roadside stand in closed condition